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My world was rocked when I saw the look on my wife’s face. Jenna was always a steady person, a rock in our relationship. If anything, I was the emotional basket case. But the look in her eyes communicated something I had never seen in her before.

14195334_754675754604_4639647995150014771_oMy wife just delivered our first child, a daughter named Elsie. Two short days after the birth, I began to see changes. Jenna was afraid constantly. She was emotional and disconnected. Some doctors told us it was just the baby blues. I was convinced it was something more.

Shortly after, Jenna was diagnosed with severe postpartum depression, and we began the long treatment process. We caught it quickly, but there was no way to cut to the end of the story.

At the time of writing this, my wife and I had been working to treat her condition for a month and a half. She was not not “out of the woods” by any stretch of the imagination. Still, I did not want to wait until she was “better” to start this website.

I have a decade of experience in digital marketing and wanted to use my knowledge to create a useful resource for people just like us. My wife and I have worked with some of the best medical content writers, mental health professionals and other patients to create a resource designed to help others.

13653355_748639511284_7074744270917282365_oJenna and I are not special. We’re just like most of you reading this, and we want to walk through this wilderness together.

Jenna supports this website 100%. We are both proud to live out our passion of encouraging women and educating families.

You are not alone. You are home now.

Blessings, Chris & Jenna Carberg

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Jenna Carberg: jenna@postpartumdepression.org

Chris Carberg: chris@postpartumdepression.org

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We are a community website and want to share the stories of other women and men who have experienced postpartum depression (PPD). If you have a story, email us and we’d love the opportunity to share it.

Please note that we receive many requests and will aim to get to yours as quickly as possible. We are also happy to share information about valuable local resources.

Let us know about what you’re doing for PPD and how we can spread the word.

Email: jenna@postpartumdepression.org

Jenna Carberg

Jenna Carberg was diagnosed with postpartum depression following the birth of her daughter in 2016. It was a healthy birth but in following days, Jenna's mood changed quickly. Doctors suggested that it might be the "baby blues", but her husband Chris suggested she seek a second opinion. Jenna was diagnosed with postpartum depression and began a journey that lasted 9 long months with significant ups and downs. Jenna's mental health care and her experiences became a passion for her to share with the world. She and her husband Chris founded PostpartumDepression.org as a support website designed to help women suffering in silence and their loved ones.

Last modified: May 3, 2019

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